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CCH OneClick : How do I change the user that the CCH OneClick commit to tax feature uses?

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Article No:000009994
How do I change the user that is used by CCH OneClick to synchronise Personal Tax information?
CCH OneClick uses the 'CCH' user account to connect CCH Central Personal Tax to CCH OneClick.

If you do not have a 'CCH' user, you can configure the service to use the CCH_Service system account.
  • To do this, browse to the server that is running the CCH Practice Portal Service.
  • Locate the installation directory (by default this is normally C:\Program Files (x86)\CCH PracticePortalService).
  • Within the folder locate the file 'Online.PracticePortal.Service.Host.exe.config' (You may not see the '.config' extension if Windows Explorer is set hide known file types).
  • Right click the file and open with Notepad or your chosen text editor.
  • Locate the key 'ProxyUser' and edit the value within the double quotes. Set the value to CCH_Service, changing it from CCH.
Proxy User key

Now restart the CCH Practice Portal service before testing the DTA Send to Tax Return within OneClick.

In addition, attached to this article, you can download a copy of the User Guide for the CCH Making Tax Digital Commit to Tax - Version 2.3
File Attachment 2 
File Attachment 3 
File Attachment 4 
File Attachment 5 



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