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Article No:000009982
What is the SyncWorker?
What data is sync'd?
How do I run perform a manual sync of CCH OneClick data?
Purpose of the SyncWorker
The CCH OneClick SyncWorker is the process that manages the synchronisation of records within the on premise CCH Central database to cloud based CCH OneClick database. 

This process is handle by the CCH Practice Portal Service and a change based synchronisation occurs by default ever 30 minutes.  

CCH OneClick cloud synchronised data
The following records are synchronised during this process:
  • Employee List - Relating to CCH OneClick activated employee, granting access for these employee to their Accountant workspace
  • Client List - All non closed client records, reference by the Employees to perform other OneClick specific actions
  • Team Security - Data relating to the on premise security model, grants access to Employee to the appropriate Clients
  • Business List - Data used to populate CCH OneClick's Making Tax Digital section
  • HMRC Credentials List - Used to with CCH OneClick's Making Tax Digital to integrate with the HMRC
  • AP Period Entity Type - Used with CCH OneClick's Open Integration
  • AP Nominals - Used with CCH OneClick's Open Integration
  • AP Transactions - Used with CCH OneClick's Open Integration

SyncWorker Management Console
Accessed via CCH Central's File > Maintenance > SyncWorker > SyncWorker Management Console menu, please note access is restricted via 'OneClick' Task Permission.

The SyncWorker Management Console records the output of each sync that occurs, detailing the number of records synchronised and any errors that may have occurred.

The SyncWorker Service Status area records the server name that the CCH Practice Portal Service is installed upon, displaying the current state of the service, listing either 'Synchronisation is currently in progress' or the date time of the Next scheduled sync.

Performing a Manual Sync
On occasion it may be necessary to perform a manual sync, there are two types of sync that can be triggered a periodic sync of changes (Run Synchronisation button) or a full sync of all appropriate data (Full Synchronisation button).

To perform manual sync:
  1. Access the SyncWorker Management Console maintenance screen
  2. Click either Run Synchronisation or Full Synchronisation button
Synchronisation buttons
  1. Where a Full Synchronisation is performed, click OK to the 'All data/team security from on-premise to the cloud will resynchronise for Making Tax Digital and Open Integration', prompt window, this will start a full synchronisation. 

Proceed prompt
  • When performing a manual sync the process can take sometime, full takes take longer than a periodic sync, as the synchronisation process occurs in the background the SyncWorker Management Console screen can be closed and you may continue to use CCH Central, return to this screen later to review its status.


In all following scenarios* it is recommended to ensure that the CCH Practice Portal Service is restarted (referencing KB 9742 for assistance) and then to perform a Full Synchronisation.

Missing Data
Where data is missing from the CCH OneClick website.

Periodic Sync Errors
Where the SyncWorker Management Console records errors on the periodic sync.

*Full Sync Errors
Where the SyncWorker Management Console records errors for a full sync, please raise a Support Case providing details of the most recently recorded errors and a screenshot, CCH Support will investigate the situation and respond accordingly.

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