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CCH Personal Tax : HMRC Exclusions 2017/18 (JANTAX)

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Article No:000009287
What are the HMRC known exclusions for 2017/18?
Have any from 2016/17 been fixed?
HMRC have resolved many of their published exclusions from 2016/17 (although they have only corrected them for 2017/18 onwards), but some remain, a few have been updated and there are some new ones added.
Please see below for a summary of each article's current status and also the attachment for the latest HMRC exclusions list (as at 20/11/18) with latest changes in red:

Exclusion numberNotes                                                                         
36, 79Still outstanding for 2017/18
62Re-instated for 2017/18
48-64, 66-69, 71-78Fixed for 2017/18
70, 80-82Updated
83-86New for 2017/18
87-90New for 2017/18 (added by HMRC April & May 2018)
91-94New for 2017/18 (added by HMRC July 2018) 
95-96New for 2017/18 (added by HMRC Oct 2018)
97New for 2017/18 (added by HMRC Nov 2018)

HMRC provided some notes for the 2017/18 exclusions list version 3.0 dated 20/11/2018:
  • Exclusion 57: Updated to include a new workaround.
  • Exclusion 80: This was removed in v2.2 as this has now been resolved and returns can be filed online. However, we have now reinstated and noted ID80 so that if it has not been possible for some developers to update their software product(s) in-year the Exclusion still applies to allow a paper return. This follows the actions we took for the Exclusions corrected in 2016-17. But any comments and observations would be most welcome.
  • Exclusion 83: We have amended the criteria for ID83 and we are currently checking if the criteria is identifying customers that are not affected by the Exclusion.
  • Exclusion 96: We are currently considering this for customers with Scottish status liable to tax at or above the higher rate who have made pension payments with relief at source and/or gift aid. They will receive excess relief where the Scottish basic rate band is increased and the rUK basic rate is increased by the same amount and this takes more than the payment amounts out of charge at the higher rates. Where the basic rate band is extended twice, the business analysts are working with colleagues to determine how this is interpreted in legislation and if that is how this is reflected in the SA tax calculator. This could lead to a change or even remove the need for the Exclusion.
If you decide that an exclusion applies select Tax Return Other Information > Additional Details and Click Tick if Excluded Tax Return, and enter the Exclusion ID.

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When this option is selected, this is an excluded case and needs to be submitted on paper along with a reasonable excuse claim, available from HMRC here.

Note: This is one of a series of articles selected to help you with completing your tax returns. To see other articles in this series search for JANTAX.
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