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CCH OneClick : I cannot download a file from the message centre in CCH Central

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Article No:000010843
When attempting to download a document from the Message Centre, the document does not download.
This occurs as a result of the following scenarios:

Strict internet security is in place
When a security policy within the domain is blocking the document from being downloaded.  Commonly the firewall or proxy security is blocking the file from being downloaded.  Adding the following exceptions to your security policy should allow the document to be downloaded:
  • *
  • Also refer to KB9855 for a full list of ports and URIs used by CCH OneClick, as other areas of CCH OneClick may be affected.

For PDF files, Password protection or malformed* PDF files
Where the Configuration keys 'Portal_DocumentAuditTrailPractice' and/or 'Portal_DocumentAuditTrailClient' are enabled, and the Accountant or end Client attempts to download a Password Protected PDF or a legacy PDF file version, the download process fails, either stalls at 5% for the Accountant, or return Error 500 for the End Client.

To overcome this:
  1. Log into CCH Central as a superuser
  2. Access File > Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration
  3. Set the Key Values to 0 for the records with Key Names: 'Portal_DocumentAuditTrailPractice' and 'Portal_DocumentAuditTrailClient'
  4. Click Ok to accept the changes
    1. This process will take a few minutes for the changes to be synchronised to the CCH OneClick website
  5. Wait 5 minutes then access the PDF file, which should now download
  6. If this process persist, wait another 5 minutes and try again.
  7. Alternatively, login to CCH OneClick and access the PDF from the Messages and Documents area for the Client in question.
We recommend that these configuration keys are only enabled (set to 1) when absolutely necessary, avoiding disruption to daily working practices.

*Malformed PDF files do not conform to the PDF standards.  As such when CCH OneClick attempts to append the Document Activity Page to the end of the PDF, the process fails as the PDF is not in the format expected for the specified PDF File Version.

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