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CCH Personal Tax : HMRC Portal access from Central - Dec 2018

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Article No:000010546
Note - this article was updated on 9th January 2019 so please read it carefully for new information.

I have received an email from HMRC entitled Change to HMRC’s online system access: action required by 14 December 2018.  It talks about my login credentials.  Do I need to do anything?

It starts:

Dear colleague,
As you may be aware HMRC is currently replacing Government Gateway with a new platform that is more secure, has additional functionality and is fit for the future.
We’ve already done much of the work and the new platform is already serving more than 7.5 million users. We remain on track to decommission the current Government Gateway by March 2019.

And is signed by Alison Walsh.


The only functionality affected is the ability to log in directly to HMRC’s agent portal within CCH Central, typically to view your clients' liabilities and statements, without having to manually enter Government Gateway credentials via HMRC’s own website.
HM Revenue & Customs intend to suspend access to the HMRC Agent Portal for agents using ‘silent login’ functionality provided by 3rd party software suppliers with effect from 4th February 2019.

If you wish to continue accessing the HMRC Portal from within Central, by close of business on Friday 14th December 2018, you will have to ‘white-list’ your users by providing HMRC via email to a list of your users' names, email addresses and the Government Gateway User ID (not password) they will be using to access the HMRC agent portal.  'White-listing' is a trusted list of users.

This information must be provided to HMRC by close of business on Friday 14th December 2018.  

After receiving confirmation from HMRC, but before close of business on Monday 4th February 2019, you will need to change the URL within CCH Central.   See below for details.

Actions for you:
1. Send a list of users as described above to HMRC at by 14th December 2018.

2. When you have received an email confirmation from HMRC and not before, log into Central as a superuser (or a user with sufficient task permissions to edit configuration keys).  Go to File > Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration. 

  • If you already have a Key Name of PT_HMRCLoginPage listed (italics are just for clarity), enter the first URL from that email confirmation (example below) into the Key Value column for that Key Name, as that is the method our software uses:

 User-added image

  • If you do not already have a Key Name with that value, enter the Key Name as PT_HMRCLoginPage and the Key Value copied and pasted from your HMRC email acknowledgement, as shown in the example picture above, in the top row of the screen. 
In both instances, tab out of the row then click OK to save the change.  See example below. 

User-added image
There is no need for users to exit Central whilst you are adding this key but users will need to log out and back into Central before this takes effect for them. 

You can download a copy of the original letter HMRC sent to large practices below, together with their accompanying Q&A document.

Note: This is one of a series of articles selected to help you with completing your tax returns. To see other articles in this series search for JANTAX.

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